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1. Database of Ingress portals – Open Data Stack Exchange
Database of Ingress portals - Open Data Stack Exchange
Ingress is a game where users contribute “portals”. Each portal has: Coordinates; Name, for instance “Eiffel Tower”; Picture. Is there a database of …

2. Ingress Intel Map

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress – a global game of mystery, intrigue and …

3. Does exist an Ingress database we can access : Ingress – Reddit

Does exist an Ingress database we can access from Ingress

More results from

4. Zetaphor/IITC-Ingress-Portal-CSV-Export: Export a … – GitHub

Export a list of Ingress Portals to a CSV. Contribute to Zetaphor/IITC-Ingress-Portal-CSV-Export development by creating an account on GitHub.

5. Maps – Ingress Portal | Ingress Portal

Maps. Ingress Intel Map; Historical Marker Map; USA Census & Density Map; World Density Map (High-Level) …


Ingress Database. Ingress best scraper, portal history. Modified Player Tracker plugin. Virus hook: Show virus detections on Intel Map. IITC Dark theme.

7. Locating Portals – Ingress Guide


A lot of the starting portals came from The Historic Marker Database so that can be used … What you want to find is a place that has many portal located in close …

8. Ingres (database) – Wikipedia

Ingres 11 was released on 18 April 2017 and is now known as Actian X Hybrid Database. See also[edit]. Free and open-source software portal.

9. PSA: “hidden” wayspots in Ingress are not brought into game …

The new valid wayspot remains in the database, but is not immediately brought into Ingress. This just happened today, when a “blocking” portal was removed …

10. Exporting Points of Interest from Ingress – The Chewett blog

Exporting Points of Interest from Ingress


11. Iitc ingress map

Ingress Database. app ) in your browser. com /iitc / test/plugins/ draw-tools . … Maps – Ingress Portal Ingress Porta . me) is a set of third-party add-ons for Intel …

12. Why Google’s Ingress game is a data gold mine | New Scientist

I try to seize control of the enemy portal, but get knocked back, losing health. They’re too strong here. This isn’t real life. Well, not quite. I’m playing …

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