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Ingress Portal Mods

If you are looking for ingress portal mods, simply check out our links below :

1. Category:Portal Mods | Ingress Wiki | Fandom
Category:Portal Mods | Ingress Wiki | Fandom
Main article: Portal Mod Portal Mods are a type of item that can be used in-game to enhance a…

2. Portal Mod | Ingress Wiki | Fandom

A Portal Mod (short for Portal Modifier, also simply known as Mod) is a type of item that modifies a Portal. Seven kinds of Mods exist, including three sponsored …

3. Portal Mods – Ingress Items – Ingress Guide

Portal Mods

Ingress Portal mods are additional items that can be deployed to a portal in addition to resonators. While you can deploy 8 resonators you are only allowed 4 slots for deploying portal mods.

4. Optimal Portal Mods for frequent hacking? : Ingress – Reddit

Optimal Portal Mods for frequent hacking? from Ingress

More results from

5. Mod | Fev Games


Portal modifiers (typically called mods) are items which can be installed on … who have examined the raw data received by the intel map from Ingress servers.

6. Portal | Fev Games


… our world. Ingress strategy revolves around control of portals. … Mods are items which you can install on a portal to alter its attributes (see below). Every portal …

7. Portal Mods – DeCode Ingress

Portal mods are items that are used to upgrade a portal. There are 4 mod slots at every portal, and you can deploy one mod in each one of them. To deploy a …

8. The best Ingress prime store to buy ingress items Sign in or …


The Force Amplifier, referenced in-game as the Force Amp, is aPortal Mod. It multiplies … ingress store to buy ingress portal shield rare ingress shop. 02 Ingress …

9. Niantic Support – Helpshift

Note: Each Portal has four available Mod slots, and each Agent can deploy up to two Mods per Portal. Recharging Friendly Portals. Resonators naturally lose …

10. Ingress Portal Farm Calculator

Mod 1: Mod 2: Mod 3: Mod 4: None, Common Heat Sink, Rare Heat Sink, Very Rare Heat Sink, Common Multi Hack, Rare Multi Hack, Very Rare Multi Hack.

11. Getting mods –

You get mods by hacking portals – the same way you get other items like … The level of the portal you are hacking doesn’t affect the quality of the mods you get.

12. Cooldown reset when deploying Heat Sink mod? – Arqade

Source: The idea is that by deploying a heat sink, you get the bonus hacks, but not …

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