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1. Portal 2 ending [Spoilers] : Portal – Reddit

Portal 2 ending [Spoilers] from Portal

Portal 2 ending [Spoilers] : Portal - Reddit
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2. Portal 2 storyline | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


Portal 2: Peer Review At the end of Chamber 4 the deassembly machinery fails, forcing ATLAS and P-body to make a detour through an incomplete test track. GLaDOS admits that she has been lying and reverses her original claim of the humans being fine, revealing that she has already killed them all during testing.

3. Erik Wolpaw on Portal 2’s ending: “the [spoiler] is probably …


Relax. All done now. Potatoes collected, game digested, portals spent. lol Time for more Portal 2! After finishing both of Portal 2’s campaigns we …

4. Portal 2 – Wikipedia


Single-player, ‎multiplayer‎

5. Story – Portal Wiki


Act 2: The Escape. While Chell is making her way through the facility, GLaDOS attempts to lure her back with promises of cake …

6. After beating the Portal 2 single player campaign, how do I …


Youtube’s probably your best bet. TheMediaCows. 740K subscribers. Subscribe · Portal 2: End Credits Song ‘Want You Gone’ by Jonathan Coulton [1080p HD].

7. The Real Ending to Portal 2 | Portal 2, Portal game … – Pinterest


The Real Ending to Portal 2 by ashendown on DeviantArt. I forgive you Wheatley!..dont ruin my fantasies. For all the fans out there who love GLaDOS and …

8. hey guys you got the secret portal ending where Chell and …


spectrumtonic: “ I managed to catch Wheatley with my face! >:0 …but then I moved and he rolled off. ” laurel sketchportal · portal 2 In the end by …

9. The Final Encounter – The Part Where He Kills You | Portal 2


This is your cue to fire your portal gun at the moon, triggering the end sequence! Congratulations on finishing Portal 2’s campaign! But there’s …

10. Portal’s Alternate Ending According To Did You Know Gaming

Portal’s Alternate Ending According To Did You Know Gaming

Portal’s Alternate Ending According To Did You Know Gaming … the alternative ending that was planned out for the fan-favorite Valve title, Portal. … The Best Shiny Pokémon Cards In The New Shining Fates Set – Part 2

11. ‘Portal 2’ Writer Discusses Ending, ‘Half-Life’ Connections


After finally escaping the Aperture Science facility and the manipulative AI GLaDOS, the protagonist Chell rose up to catch a brief glimpse of the …

12. Portal 2 almost had fake endings, terrible multiplayer and no …


So Wheatley came back, ultimately becoming one of Portal 2’s most … had these… parts where Chell would die, and that would be the end, and …

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