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What is trail mail? - Quora

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what is meaning of Trail Mail please explain in simple language. … 21 September 2015 This is used in the context of emails which are being …

3. What does “email trail” mean? | Learn English at English, baby!

Definition (n.) old emails; past electronic correspondences. Examples What finally got him convicted were the email trails in which he planned the murder. blurt!

4. trailing emails – English Language Learners Stack Exchange

I understand it means all previous emails between correspondents hanging from the most recent email. Is the “trailing emails” accepted terms by …

5. as per trail mail or with reference to trailing mail? – TextRanch

… per trail mail vs with reference to trailing mail. A complete search of the internet has found these results: as per trail mail is the most popular phrase on the web.

6. What is meant by trailing mail? | Yahoo Answers

16 answers

7. which is correct, email trail or email thread? | Yahoo Answers

9 answers

8. Things to Remember When You Write Or Reply To an Email

When reply a trail mail ( A mail which you are replying again and … As you know, spelling mistakes give another meaning to your content.

9. Trailing email Hi, Can someone please help me with … – italki

Trailing email Hi, Can someone please help me with the correct usage of the phrase TRAILING EMAIL? For example, is it used correctly in …

10. email trail in a sentence –

However, the combination of those edits and the email trail now establishes a … emails to each other’s inbox, which would have left a more obvious email trail, … write and define email trail in a sentence and how is the word email trail used in a …

11. Dear Sir, With reference to trailing mail – eOffice

With reference to trailing mail; this is to inform you that entry permissions for all the three officials of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) has been …

12. Gentle Reminder: Dear Sir, This is the reference to trailing …

With reference to trailing mail, I am chasing for refunding of my security deposit amount since 10/03/2015 (As enclosed mail) with IDEA but they have not taken any …

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